The National Parks

Indie rock band, The National Parks are thrilled release their new single ”Wild Spirit” that is out on all platforms now.

“The overarching theme of this album is getting out of our heads, getting into nature, and experiencing the world around us with the people who matter the most,” says guitarist, vocalist, and namesake of his band, The National Parks, Brady Parks. The record he’s speaking of is their fifth full-length album, 8th Wonder, and it’s out now.

With their ever-apropos name, Utah-based indie-pop outfit The National Parks want their music to spark memories of listeners’ own outdoor adventures. “I’m spiritually connected when I’m in nature and when I’m listening to music,” says the band’s violinist Megan Parks. “We hope you hear the connection between nature and music, too.” And on March 3rd, The National Parks will expand their vision yet again on their fifth full-length album, 8th Wonder.

Today, folk-influenced male/female indie pop band The National Parks has released their new album, A Mix For The End Of The World – Part 1. PRESS HERE to listen.

National Parks is having fun with spaghetti western stylings as the world waits out Covid-19. They are coming at us from every (possible) angle with beautiful music videos and a podcast, even a small scale campfire tour featuring acoustic less than 50 people backyard shows to showcase their 4th full-length album Wildflower. Grateful Web recently had the chance to chat with Brady Parks

Today, folk-influenced male/female indie pop band The National Parks has released their fourth independent full-length studio album Wildflower. PRESS HERE to stream/download and PRESS HERE to purchase on CD or green vinyl. Wildflower is about struggles and growth, hard times and faith, and knowing that through trials and tribulations the best is yet to come.

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