Rachel Garlin

Singer, composer and activist, Rachel Garlin debuts the video for her latest single, “Democracy Demands” as a pointed and nuanced response to the current political crisis. The song will be available on all streaming platforms October 3rd. With gracefully sparse production and not a wasted word, Garlin sings a steady haunting melody while giving voice to the questions we're facing in the post-RBG, pre-election moments of this very day.

Horror movie worthy experiences and lots of therapy have helped me to gain very valuable perspectives on life including how to self-sooth and be on my own. For many this will be a trying time with introspection occurring on monumental levels. Some people have it down already. Others are in the midst of learning how to be with themselves. Many are struggling to find inner peace and sadly will spiral further and further out of control, if a solution is not uncovered. For those dealing with the latter, here’s some tough love.

Bay Area native, singer-songwriter Rachel Garlin will perform at The Lost Church on March 27th to celebrate the release of her latest indie-folk album, Mondegreens. Garlin’s ensemble will include the album’s producer, Julie Wolf, known to audiences internationally as a collaborator and touring side player with Indigo Girls, Carly Simon, and Ani DiFranco among others.

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