The Ries Brothers

The Ries Brothers (Charlie and Kevin Jordan Ries, pronounced rees), two South Florida brothers in their early 20s, release a new reggae remix of their single “Take It Back,” featuring the legendary Julian Marley - plus a host of younger contemporaries from the burgeoning American reggae rock scene including E.N Young, Kash’d Out, Gary Dread (The Movement), Bumpin Uglies, Little Stranger and Jaime Hinckson.

The Ries Brothers release “Troubadour,” a stand-out preview of their upcoming LP ‘Paint Your Emotion,’ out September 18 on CSSL/Megaforce Records.

“Troubadour” joins a list of classic, bittersweet odes to life on the road made famous by Creedence Clearwater Revival (“Travelin’ Band”), Bob Seger (“Turn the Page”), Journey (“Faithfully”), Jackson Browne (“The Load-Out”), and other staples of American rock ‘n’ roll - and it was written by two brothers in their teens and early 20s from south Florida.

It is impossible to see Tampa Bay Florida based band The Ries Brothers perform live and not get excited about their future. The young duo has spent the entirety of their lives pursuing their musical dreams and ambitions to get to the level they are now at. From sleepless nights to pursuing alternative means of education more conducive to a musician’s lifestyle, the two have devoted their lives to their art and are now seeing the results of their sacrifices.

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