South For Winter

Nashville’s Americana Folk band, South For Winter, is excited to announce the release of their highly anticipated full-length album, Luxumbra; set to release October 22nd. They worked hard for a full year leading up to the album’s release, pre-releasing six singles in all. It’s a record colored by artistic endeavors, multidimensional lyrics, and immense beauty touched with the weight of the world. The album Luxumbra, meaning "light" and "shadow" in Latin, is as diverse as its title implies.

From bluesy murder ballads to foot-stomping folk, Nashville trio South for Winter has shown a new hand with album single “Always You.” The song’s upbeat stomp and clap rhythm, cheerful mandolin strumming, and boisterous harmonies throwback to traditional sing-along folk music - while the crisp production, anthemic electric guitar, and dancing cello bring the song into a contemporary Americana realm. Yet in true South for Winter fashion, beneath the lively, happy-go-lucky song melodies lie contemplative, topical lyrics.

Nashville’s Americana Folk band, South For Winter, has released their music video “Devil is a’Calling” off their full-length album, Luxumbra; set to release this Fall. Along with premiering on Ditty TV’s “World Premiere”, they also were rebroadcasted through The Curve. The single “Devil is a’Calling" was inspired by the "murder ballads" of legends like Johnny Cash and EmmyLou Harris.

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