Steven Sedalia

Steven Sedalia is a singer-songwriter forging a folk fusion sound melting mystical ambience with acoustic anthems. Unique for his ‘outro’ refrains, the reverent and memorable chants inspire a sing-along fervor in live audiences. Themes of soul exploration and mythical adventure set the tone for wide-eyed love songs edging toward devotionals. Sedalia's bright voice and grounding guitar give foundation to an emotionally nourishing mixture of sound and poetry, culminating in an ecstatic celebration of universal love.

With his first full length album, Mauna, which drops October 2nd, 2019, Steven Sedalia blends instrumentation from Hawaii, India, Appalachia, and Africa, with lyrics of an ecstatic devotion to universal love, all glued together by a folk rock musicality set to move waists and hearts.

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