Taylor Scott

For Taylor Scott, nothing is black and white. He operates in shades of grey between genres, creating his own colorful hybrid of roots-rock, funk, soul, and troubadour-style Americana. It's a sound that's as diverse as its creator, whipped into sharp shape by a musician who's equal parts guitar hero and singer/songwriter craftsman. He embraces the full range of those roles with The Hang, the third album from the Taylor Scott Band due to be released on August 5, 2022.

Denver-based guitar virtuoso Taylor Scott is excited to release his new single entitled “Throwback Grooves."  Produced by his friend and mentor Steve Berlin (Los Lobos), and featuring Lettuce’s Eric Benny Bloom on trumpet, the new single is out now.


For roots rock artist Taylor Scott, 2020 was a year of reckoning. After coming to terms with the death of a family member, weathering personal storms, and having his career put on what seemed to be an indefinite pause, he realized the only option was to shift his perspective. In the midst of the year’s ubiquitous pain and uncertainty, Scott used the time to reflect and regroup.  At first, it seemed like inspiration just wouldn’t come.


“Salted Watermelon” is off the latest Taylor Scott Band album All We Have, produced by multi Grammy Award winner and Rock n Roll Hall of Fame nominee Steve Berlin of Los Lobos.

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