Wed, 01/07/2015 - 5:00 pm

The frigid air of South Lake Tahoe didn’t keep the crowds away from SnowGlobe 2014, myself included. With the options of three different stages; Main Stage, Sierra Tent, and The Igloo, it was easy enough to keep moving— and dancing.

Despite the unfortunate fact I was only able to attend Day 1 of SnowGlobe, the lineup that evening did not disappoint. This lineup included Vokab Company, Emancipator Ensemble, Disclosure, Woolymammoth, G. Jones, Party Favor, Bro Safari, The Schmidt, Thomas Jack, Richie Panic, Graff, and Le Youth. The night closed with performances with Skrillex on the Main Stage, The Floozies in the Sierra Tent, and Aeroplane in The Igloo.

Upon arrival, my photographer and I warmed our bodies with a beer and shot at one of the onsite bars before scouting our surroundings. We were thrilled to find multiple food stands that varied anywhere between pizza to pad thai, a coffee and hot beverage station, and more than a couple tents that held all your SnowGlobe merchandise needs. Also, if you arrived early enough, between sets by the Main Stage, you would find a built in ski jump. This is where a few talented skiers and snowboarders would show off their skills.

The entire venue filled abnormally quickly. The innumerable fans filled the smaller but respectable Sierra Tent and Igloo to what felt like capacity. My movement from The Igloo after Riche Panic’s set to the Main Stage to catch the beginning of Disclosure felt like journey all its own. But once making it as close the Main Stage as possible, in the middle of the crowd, listening to that first beat drop made it all worth it.

I stuck around the Main Stage after Disclosure, only moving outside Sierra Tent where four or five fire cages were set ablaze, where I was also able to listen in to the last of Bro Safari playing. The warmth of the fire, however, couldn’t keep me far from the Main Stage, where Skrillex was to shortly make his first appearance. I wasn’t the only one who had that same idea in mind. SnowGlobers flooded the area, showing their devotion with signs, flags, and dance moves at the ready. And once that first beat dropped, I don’t think there was a soul in the crowd that held back their excitement.

Needless to say, this eventful lead up to New Years was a night filled with fun, movement, and unforgettable times. Even a soft snowfall had to make an appearance to enjoy the amazing energy within the last few hours of Day 1 SnowGlobe 2014.

Sun, 01/25/2015 - 1:38 pm

It wasn't hard to feel right at home inside the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, CA. With Jessie Bridges warming up the crowd (and successfully so) before Paul Knowles and Nicole Storto of New American Farmers took the stage. Freight and Salvage Coffee House is a historically rich home-away-from-home for both musicians and listeners alike. I was granted the great privilege of meeting with Paul and Nicole before the show for a short but fun interview.

After thanking Paul and Nicole for their time, I exited backstage where the walls were artfully decorated with Freight and Salvage past performers, and found my seat while opening band Jessie Bridges was performing. With a warm house brewed coffee in hand, I greatly enjoyed the rest of their set.

It's undeniable how down to earth this group of artists is as they interacted and connected with their audience. The chemistry between members of New American Farmers, the respect between their fellow musicians, was evident; allowing that cozy and welcoming atmosphere to hit us fans full force.

The show consisted of a friendly balance of originally written songs by Paul Knowles and/or Nicole Storto and cover songs by varying past artists, showing respect for other musicians while also displaying their own authentic creativity. New American Farmer's classic and upbeat feel kept countless feet tapping and heads bobbing. And those same feet and heads didn't miss a beat as Melisa Phillips along with James Deprato joined New American Farmers on stage.

No one can forge the type of passion New American Farmers delivered at Freight and Salvage, along with the other performing artists. It was certainly a pleasure witnessing this breath of fresh air type of music. It was a night filled with music that possessed a genre I couldn't quite put my finger on. However, something tells me New American Farmers wouldn't be who they are today if I could since that would be a clear sacrifice of their music's originality. And, that being said, I don't think I'd have it any other way.