Wishes And Thieves Release Forest Fire EP | 5|15|2012

Wishes and Thieves is the perfect example of good chemistry.  The group combines a myriad of contrasting elements – rock, digital-inspired beats, R&B, soul, Radiohead-style detours—into something new and vibrant they call electronic induced pop.  The New York quartet releases their sophomore EP, Forest Fire on May 15, 2012.  Prior to that, the “Forest Fire” vinyl single drops on March 27th with a b-side cover of Ellie Goulding’s “Starry Eyed.

The “Forest Fire” digital single is currently for sale on iTunes. The video is live on the band’s web page, where the growing percussion is visually recreated as the group trashes a once-sedate living room by the track’s end.

Forest Fire is a potent sonic mix of atmospheric vocals, heavy bass, hip-hop drums, and indie rock guitar that has quickly earned the group a fervent following and comparisons to the likes of Bjork, Brazilian Girls and Portishead. Within each song, the vibe often mutates, as “Let You In” starts in a slinky groove and morphs into a upbeat rock vibe.

Wishes and Thieves self-produced and released their debut EP Lighthouse just months after forming in 2011, earning immediate accolades. The record landed on Last.fm’s “New Discoveries of 2011” year-end list (“It was a nice surprise, even though we were below Rebecca Black,” jokes guitarist Mike MacAllister) and winning approval from the likes of famed David Bowie producer Tony Visconti and hip-hop legend Mos Def.  Singer Jolanda Porter was even selected as one of Lucky magazine’s “Most Stylish Girls in Music,” alongside buzzworthy acts Zola Jesus, Rachael Yamagata, Neon Hitch and somebody named Lana Del Ray.  You can download the Lighthouse EP for free HERE.

For their second EP, Forest Fire, the group composed the majority of the album in the rehearsal studio, taking musical sketches and working together to form finished tracks.

The disparate sounds and fiery imagery in “Forest Fire” could serve as an important introduction to the group. “Like everything we do, that song started out one way and ended another,” says MacAllister. “I think it all goes back to the elements we bring in. We start with our own individual ideas, rework them to compliment each other and when it’s done, we’ve created something we all really like that, on our own, we would never have come up with.”

Wishes and Thieves have a few hometown shows in New York and then head to Austin for South by Southwest.

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