Ari Joshua releases "Eye Just Called to Soul, I Love You"

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Friday, January 27, 2023

Guitarist, educator, singer, and songwriter Ari Joshua continues to trend with a steady stream of heady collaborations in 2023. ‘Eye Just Called, To Soul, I Love You’ out January 26th, 2023 is his 4th release already this year, and we haven’t hit February yet (comet warning). Recorded at Bunker Studio’s in Brooklyn, New York, “Eye Just Called to Soul, I Love You” features bassist Andy Hess (Black Crowes, John Scofield, Gov’t Mule), drummer John Morgan Kimock (Mike Gordon Band, Oteil & Friends), internationally acclaimed  piano wizard Eden Ladin, and leading the charge, guitarist Ari Joshua (Big High, Space Owl, Hathead) sitting in the hot seat.. “EJCTSILU” is the debut release from this memorable & inaugural  all-star session, giving us another taste from Music Factory Records to start off the new year.

"Eye Just Called to Soul, I Love You" is an improv track but it is more than just that. The almost 7 minute improv track documents the first time this band has ever played together, period. The debut song from this line up was captured on tape, mixed, and mastered for your listening pleasure by drummer, producer, and Astrology Days Records co-founder, John Morgan Kimock. It’s not often you get to experience the thrill of hearing artists play together for the first time, and in a studio environment.  It’s raw, visceral, and refreshingly honest. Music is a conversation, and what we have here is something that will never happen again, caught on tape.

2022 was a productive year for Ari Joshua with 12 new releases to share.  2023 is starting off with 10 releases due out by the spring. With a range from classic jazz, to experimental, to drum n bass, to jam band, to classic soul funk, to circus music, to cinematic through composed classical-like compositions, Ari’s creative flow resembles that of a mountain spewing fresh lava. When asked about this session he shared;  ‘These are players  I really admire, I had a vision, & I spoke to John, then Andy, and then Eden, and it sort of just came into fruition. My friends from college Aaron Nevize, and John Davis actually opened up The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn as we were all  graduating. It’s just lasted all these years, and I called them up trying to get a date.  It’s a miracle  everyone was available amongst their busy schedules, and the studio was open. . I am very lucky we made it work. The stars aligned and it was a fun and  easy hang. We also played some Dead tunes, Eyes of the World, and Help on The Way, but the general focus was on making something new happen’. ’

On all the music that is on its way, Ari remarks; ‘Great art is an expression of the soul, and a reflection of one’s life experience. Being a musician is also like being what I would call an ambassador of goodwill. I think great players can sense that, and it becomes a compass of making great art together. I get a lot of joy from sharing these recordings and performing, it’s transformative. It is my mission in this life to give back in any capacity possible, to explore all options, and to honor the legends that came before and what they did for me and for so many. Music is the universal language, it has healing mystical qualities, it has both saved my life, and given me purpose. I am proud of the work I have contributed to music education, and in the woodshed practicing.  After a lot of just living life,  it is time to shine, and share what light I can with the music.’

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