Big Meat Music

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Thursday, June 1, 2006

What is the essence that is "Big Meat"?  The signature sound that originates from four close friends can only be described as improvisational Rock n' Roll.

In their rural hometown of Pomfret, CT, located in the northeast "Quiet Corner" of the state, we started to learn how to play our instruments together in 1995.  While most kids in Pomfret complained of boredom, we entertained ourselves with music.  By the year 2000, "Big Meat" had successfully taken the "Quiet" out of the "Corner" and replaced it with juicy grooves, high-intensity and climaxing improvisation, and completely original compositions.  They performed constantly in high school, producing their own shows from the lights to the sound.  On summer weekends they set up a shoddy PA system and threw a rug on the grass to play at local parties. They always had fun and established such a strong subconscious level of musical connection that they knew "Big Meat" was something special by the time they graduated high school in 2001.

"Big Meat" was separated during our college years because we attended different schools.  We dealt with our separation as best we could, coming together during the breaks and summer months to play clubs, festivals, bars, and parties throughout New England and Pennsylvania.  When school was in session we played occasional college gigs.

While most bands might break up in the midst of such adversity, our separation only improved our sound.  At our respective colleges, we all formed and lead our own musical side-projects that expanded our musical diversity and pushed our individual skills to the limit.  When playing in "Big Meat," any member can steal the show, but in these various side projects, we were each expected to carry the show on our shoulders.  Each time we reunited, our instinctual musical connection remained, and each member was more musically-capable, more confident, and more eclectic and versatile then ever before.  In college, our minds had matured, and we began to understand our roles in the band.  It became more and more evident that when our forces combined, we were "Big Meat."

It's the band that is the show, not any one individual.  It is the unique outcome of their jolly foursome's collaboration that makes them special.  The music is deep and often complex.  The lyrics are stories ranging from monsters invading the house to anecdotes about dreaming you're a golden retriever, taking you through adventures like getting sprayed by a skunk and running from the dog catcher.  We maintain a steady humor but also delve into the more serious inquiries of the human state, such as our own wish to make music for everybody's enjoyment, including ours.

Big meat has completed three albums of original material.  They are "It's What's for Dinner (copyright 2001)," "Bigger than the Bun (copyright 2002)," and "To Be Perfectly Frank (copyright 2005)." 

Big Meat is playing their last run of shows in Orlando before packing up and moving back to CT.  Their last show in Fla will take place on June 24th at the Rocket Pub in Orlanda, Fla.