Defend the Energy Star program from Trump

Article Contributed by Friends of the Earth | Published on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Donald Trump is trying to gut the Energy Star program. The program -- which is run by the EPA -- rates appliances and buildings on their energy efficiency. It has kept 2.7 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases from polluting our planet. And it has saved Americans roughly $362 billion in energy costs.

We need your help to stop Trump from getting rid of this program!

Tell your Senators: Don’t let Trump gut Energy Star!

Energy Star is one of the EPA’s most well-known programs. It has bipartisan support in Congress. It’s even popular among manufacturers and building owners.

So why is Trump taking aim at this program? Maybe because the buildings he owns receive low Energy Star ratings. 

Energy Star ratings can affect property values. So Trump’s businesses could benefit from eliminating Energy Star.

Tell your Senators: Stop Trump from gutting Energy Star to benefit his businesses!

Getting rid of Energy Star is just one part of Trump’s efforts to gut the EPA. He’s also aiming to get rid of the Clean Power Plan and Clean Water Rule. He wants to slash the agency’s resources and cut its staff.

The good news is, these attacks are so extreme that even some Republican Senators oppose them. We have a real chance at stopping the cuts to Energy Star -- but we need you to speak up NOW!

Take action: Defend the Energy Star program from Trump’s attacks!