Get out the vote for Kara Eastman

Article Contributed by Friends of the Earth | Published on Saturday, October 31, 2020

Trump’s last-minute rally in Nebraska this week left thousands of his supporters stranded in the cold -- sending several to the hospital with hypothermia. Help get out the vote for Kara Eastman.

Trump knew he didn’t have enough supporters in Omaha to attract a big crowd. So his team bussed them in from distant suburbs. But the campaign only planned a portion of the event -- getting supporters to the rally and as much Trump propaganda as they could fit in. They neglected to plan busses to get people home, leaving them stranded miles from home on a frigid night.

Omaha is a key battleground for Trump -- and also home to a close Congressional race. Pipeline fighter Kara Eastman is battling Trump crony Don Bacon for a House seat. If Kara wins, it could also swing the presidential race -- since Nebraska assigns Electoral College votes by Congressional district.

Trump knows he’s in trouble in Nebraska! Kara Eastman needs your help to push her over the finish line. Can you join us for two hours on Sunday?

What: National phone bank: Call voters to elect Kara Eastman.

When: Sunday, November 1st, 6-8 pm Central/7-9 pm Eastern/4-6 pm Pacific

Where: From home anywhere in the U.S.! All you need is a phone and computer with Internet access.