This fall, wolves will be hunted without mercy

Article Contributed by Friends of the Earth | Published on Friday, August 6, 2021

Gunned down from helicopters. Dynamited in their homes. It’s open season on wolves, who are being slaughtered without mercy -- and now, another big wolf hunt is scheduled for this fall.

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Wisconsin’s wolves are being hunted down and slaughtered indiscriminately, with barbaric tactics including dynamiting wolf pups in their own dens. And their next big wolf “harvest” is coming this fall.

Meanwhile, Montana and Idaho have passed laws legalizing brutal “hunting” methods like snares and helicopter chases. In May, Idaho called for the killing of 90% of its wolf population -- only 150 wolves would remain.

It’s appalling, it’s barbaric, and it’s wrong. This shouldn’t be happening to any animal, period -- let alone a species that is already functionally extinct across most of the country. We need your help to stop these attacks on wildlife!

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Wolves are one of America’s greatest conservation stories. After centuries of being harassed, vilified, and hunted indiscriminately, wolves had begun to make a slow but promising recovery over the past six decades. But now, this recovery is under threat.

Wolves still occupy less than 10% of their historic range. Without their Endangered Species Protections, we could lose 60 years of conservation efforts -- and some of America’s most iconic wildlife -- in just the next few years.

The Endangered Species Act is one of the most successful environmental laws ever passed. It has saved treasured species like sea otters, bald eagles, and grizzly bears from the brink of extinction. It has also benefited local economies that depend on these very species to thrive.

But the Trump administration dismantled the Endangered Species Act at every turn, and it led to horrific outcomes for animals like wolf pups and bear cubs on wildlife preserves -- who hunters can now legally kill.

Now, lobbyists and bad actors are working to uphold Trump-era rules and gut other animal protection laws, all to benefit corporate interests and wealthy developers. The Interior Department isn't doing enough to stop it, so it’s up to us to pressure the Biden administration to do the right thing. We need you. Endangered animals need you.

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