Don't gut the Endangered Species Act!

Article Contributed by Friends of the Earth | Published on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

First the good news: The rusty patched bumblebee has been officially listed under the Endangered Species Act. This protection will go a long way toward preventing this wild bee from facing extinction.

Now the bad news: Trump and his enablers in Congress are gearing up for an attack on the Endangered Species Act. This could wipe out the rusty patched bee -- and many other endangered species.

We need your help to stop Trump and Congress from harming wildlife!

Tell your Senators: Don’t gut the Endangered Species Act!

Senate Republicans are justifying their attack by saying the Endangered Species Act "is not working today." 

But that’s blatantly untrue. In fact, the Endangered Species Act has a 99% success rate! 

This critical law has saved the gray wolf, Florida manatee and the bald eagle. Now it could save the rusty patched bumblebee. And we still need it to save many more species.

If you speak up, you can still save the Endangered Species Act and the wildlife that depends on it.

Tell your Senators: Stop the attacks on our wildlife!

The truth is, the GOP isn’t concerned about whether the Endangered Species Act works. It’s concerned about whether the law gets in the way of Big Oil and Big Ag’s rampant destruction of our environment.

Big Oil and Big Ag are likely doing everything they can to make sure Congress decimates the Endangered Species Act. So it’s up to you to make sure your Senators know what their constituents think: our wildlife matters more than polluters’ profits.

Speak up NOW to save endangered species from extinction! Don’t let the GOP roll back the Endangered Species Act!