Don’t Let The Lights Go Out

Article Contributed by David Atchley | Published on Friday, February 2, 2018

Of the many stars that light the night’s of the Grateful Dead family, none have done so more than Candace Brightman.  With loving creativity and artistic passion, Candace brought visual flare to our eyes as we drifted in and out of musical bliss.  Now, in her later years, she has been struck with Macular Degeneration within those magnificent eyes of hers, and it’s our turn to help keep her light show going.  Candace’s good friend and neighbor, Carly Wyman has gratefully established a YouCaring page, in which we can all share our loving support, both financially and personally, for Candace’s frightful plight.

And while Candace is receiving care from her local doctor, more is needed.  Thankfully, there is a doctor working on the cutting edge of treating AMD in Dallas, Texas.  “Dr. Jerry Tennant believes that a closer look at published studies and basic physiology/pathology allows one to offer additional insights in dealing with macular degeneration that many mainstream MD’s don’t consider,” states Carly.

Candace and her husband Larry will use the funds raised from YouCaring to pay for travel expenses and the cost of a week of treatment and consultation with Dr. Tennant.  For one whom has brought so much beauty to our world, perhaps we can bring some beauty to hers.  “Without love in the dream it’ll never come true.”