The Floozies | Stuntin' | Review

Article Contributed by Elliot Engebretson | Published on Monday, January 28, 2013

What’s better than being a rising star in a diverse genre that seems to know no boundaries? How about having a like-minded, equally talented brother to help mastermind the operation. Just ask The Floozies, the hottest new electronic duo hailing from Lawrence, Kansas. Producer/guitarist Matt Hill and his brother, drummer Mark Hill have been combining forces to create alien-funk beats since January of 2008 and have watched their career’s blossom with the up rise of electronic music. With countless EP’s available via their website and a brand new single titled “Stuntin’” blowing up the internet, the Hill brothers are bringing the heat for beat junkies and funk fiends alike.

Honest to god, this might be most well organized, freshest electronic track released in 2013 so far. The samples on “Stuntin’” are pristine and on point, flawlessly placed like a Monet painting displayed in a New York gallery. The 70’s funk guitar riff anchors the track, while the underlying bass tones keep you dancing throughout. If you’re not familiar with the new breed of beats that are becoming more and more popular, it’s as if Parliament Funkadelic and Pretty Lights collaborated to form a hybrid electro-funk track. The Floozies use all the new methodology and technology that fuels EDM producers, but combining it with old school guitar and familiar melodies to form dance floor classics. No overwhelming bass drops or distorted womps here, just well orchestrated dance music for your soul. It’s quite refreshing to hear this old-school retro throwback sound in a modern age where everything must be louder, faster, stronger. The Floozies prove once again that being unique and different stands well above mimicking what’s popular in today’s scene.

From local house parties to late-night Wakarusa sets, the Hill brothers are ready to show they deserve a spot in the top tier of electronic acts today. Just a few short years ago they were idolizing EDM’s rising stars, now they are playing along side them in some of the most well known venues in the US. Surely it’s a dream come true for these brothers to be doing what they love, but I have a feeling the best is still yet to come. Be sure to check out their current 2013 tour with electronic act Archnemesis, download all their music for free via The Floozies website, and check them out as they invade this summer’s hottest festivals.