Ghost Owl | Say Goodbye To Finland | Review

Article Contributed by Ben Welp | Published on Monday, April 28, 2014

Ghost Owl's debut album "Say Goodbye to Finland" will be released on May 6th. The album as a whole is an experimental drift through futuristic soundscapes famed with uplifting electro-pop arrangements. This ten track LP contains the singles "Sky Yellow", "Idiot Kid" and "Velva 500". The one binding theme throughout these budding tracks is the prolific use of synthesizers; aimed to move the lamest of limbs.

Based out of Athens, Georgia Ghost Owl began its culmination in the winter of 2013 after the demise of a previously successful project Elephant Zaio Sunrise. This transition from past to present focus is the cornerstone from which "Say Goodbye to Finland" was built. Throughout the album there is a sense of overwhelming hope born from the promise of new beginnings after accepting an inevitable loss.

Together the indie-pop trio has developed a technology driven live show equipped with giant screens that dominate the stage. This visual appeal, paired with the dance floor Sirens beckoning from the depths of this album, demands Ghost Owl to be experienced live. Be sure to listen to this album in the following week and keep a hopeful eye for these guys to post tour dates in the near future.