Grateful Web Interview with Milo Greene

Article Contributed by Ben Welp | Published on Thursday, March 14, 2013

The five piece multi-talented Milo Greene is devotedly touring the United Sates to share their unique brand of Cinematic-Pop. Grateful Web will be covering their show this Saturday at Headliners Music Hall in Louisville, Kentucky. We were lucky enough to speak with Vocalist and Multi-Instrumentalist Graham Fink to talk about all things Cinema, Bonnaroo, and St. Paddy’s Day.

Grateful Web: The term "Cinematic-Pop" - songs written to score a movie - has been used to define the sound of Milo Greene. How does this approach to song writing make Milo Greene songs unique?

Graham Fink: We've just been aware of the visual aspects of our music since we got started. We love movies and we've always had them in mind when writing songs. Scoring is something we're all interested in, as a band and individually.

GW: Milo Greene released the short film MODDISON last year. It is a collection of individual music videos of every song from the debut album that, when played in order makes up the film. How did this project come about? What is the film/album about?

Fink: We had a little but of time off between recording and touring and wanted to create a visual partner to the album, so we came up with a narrative, got a filmmaker friend and small crew, and shot up near Shaver Lake. Loosely it's about a young man having a breakdown, but to me the landscapes are as much the protagonist as the character.

GW: Favorite director?

Fink: Personally, Leos Carax

GW: Influences cinematic, musical or otherwise?

Fink: Hitchcock's use of space in North by Northwest, Bowie's versatility over the years, Reggie Miller's 3-point-shot.

GW: Milo Greene is a member of the impressive Bonaroo lineup for this summer including Paul Mcartney, Tom Petty and Mumford and Sons. Do you have any Pre-Rooexpectations? Any artist you are looking forward to see if time allows?

Fink: Tom Petty. He's a big hero of mine. Also excited to be playing along side our friends Haim and Lord Huron - always fun to have friends at festivals.

GW: Who is Milo Greene? What is he doing right now?

Fink: A handsome British man with a monocle. He's wheeling and dealing to book some young band their first breakthrough show someplace

GW: How is Milo Greene celebrating St. Patrick's day?

Fink: I think we'll be in West Virginia - I've heard they throw pool parties in dumpsters there, so with any luck...

GW: If you could tour with any other band/performer/etc who would it be? Why?

Fink: Daft Punk, for the sole reason that I would be in great shape at the end of the tour from dancing every night. #cardio