Grooving, Grubbing and Gallivanting in Boulder

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Monday, June 26, 2023

Cue the psychedelic lights and tune up that VW bus, Deadheads! Dead and Company are set to give Folsom Field a rocking send-off on July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, playing their last-ever Boulder beats as part of their Final Tour. But don't let the nostalgia hit too hard, the tour's still got plenty of rhythm left.

The caravan of good vibes heads next to the majestic Gorge Amphitheater in Washington for back-to-back shows on July 7th and 8th. The tour's final crescendo? An epic three-night spectacle at the legendary Oracle Park in San Francisco on July 14th, 15th, and 16th. A fitting adieu to the tour in the city where the Grateful Dead phenomenon was born.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves! While in Boulder, we're here to help you make the most of your journey. It's not just about a three-day music extravaganza, it's about savoring every bit of Boulder's charm and delight.

Feeling Adventurous?


Boulder's beauty isn't just skin deep, it runs trail deep. Grab those hiking boots and get your Deadhead out into the wild blue yonder:

    Chautauqua - Lace up your shoes, this trail is as easy and breezy as a Deadhead ballad. It's scenic, close to campus, and perfect for beginners wanting to mingle with the great outdoors.

    Mt. Sanitas - Looking for something a little more challenging, like navigating through a Grateful Dead setlist? Located a stone's throw north of Pearl Street, Mt. Sanitas offers a moderate hike. Remember, much like a Dead show, this hike is a marathon, not a sprint - keep hydrated and pace yourself.

    Bear Peak - If you're in top-notch Deadhead shape and love a challenge, then Bear Peak is your Everest. This trek will take 5-6 hours, and the views are worth every minute. Just remember, keep the trails as clean as a Jerry Garcia solo, especially if your four-legged friend tags along.

Pedal Power

Consider Boulder as the Amsterdam of the Rockies - a paradise for the pedal-pushing crowd. Just like the network of canals in Amsterdam, Boulder boasts an intricate system of bike tunnels linking the whole town. It provides a secure, swift, and downright thrilling way to traverse Boulder.

Don't forget to take a ride down Boulder Creek Path, our pride and joy. It's a scenic trail that meanders along the creek and winds its way into the mountains, making for an absolutely picturesque cycling adventure. Even uphill challenges become scenic wonders on this trail. So hop on, enjoy the ride, and let Boulder's beauty mesmerize you!

Beer Here!

Beer in Boulder is a religion, and we're the high priests and priestesses. Many a pint has been brewed and enjoyed here, so why not join the congregation at one of our holy breweries:

    Mountain Sun – This Deadhead-started joint has been spreading the good beer gospel since 1993. A perfect spot for casual food, tasty brews, and good vibes.

    Beyond the Mountain Brewing Co., Wild Woods Brewery, Finkel & Garf Brewing. Co., and VisionQuest Brewery - all fantastic options to wet your whistle.

Inhale the Green Goodness

If your journey to Colorado allows you to explore the legal cannabis landscape, tread wisely. You must be 21 or older, and cash is king. Drive sober, as the same rules for alcohol apply to cannabis. The herb is good, the taxes are high, but so might you be.

Food Frenzy

Boulder might be petite, but it's a gastronomic giant. We have restaurants to tickle every taste bud:

    The Kitchen – Organic foods freshly prepared daily? Yes, please!

    Lucile’s – A taste of the Bayou for breakfast.

    Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant – Plant-based and proud!

    Snooze – Their breakfast is worth the wait, we promise!

    The Parkway Café, Dot’s Diner, and Riff's Urban Fare – more delectable options to explore.

More Music, Maestro!

We know Dead & Company is the main event, but Boulder is jamming with other live music options. The Fox Theatre, Boulder Theater, and more will host pre- and post-Dead and Company shows. Some stellar gigs not to miss include:

Mota Goes Dead - Dead & Co Pre Party with River Spell, Solvera Where? The Fox Theatre When? 6/30/23 – Show time 8PM What's the deal? It's a FREE show! Why go? Kickstart the Dead weekend with this groovy pre-party that promises to leave you energized. Get your groove on here

Steely Dead @ Fox Theatre When? 7/1/23 - Doors at 10:30 PM, show starts at 11PM (After Dead and Company conclude at Folsom Field) What's the deal? It's a FREE show! Why go? The perfect way to unwind post-Dead & Company's performance, Steely Dead will guide you through a musical journey of soulful improvisation and heartfelt harmonies. Find out more here

Spafford @ Fox Theatre When? 7/2/23 - Doors at 10:30 PM, show starts at 11PM (After Dead and Company conclude at Folsom Field) How much? Tickets available! Why go? Spafford’s mix of rock, funk, jazz, and reggae will keep you moving even after Dead & Company have left the stage. It's a fitting encore to a magical night. Snap up your tickets here

Melvin Seals | Boulder Theater - photo by moran

Melvin Seals and JGB @ Boulder Theater When? Friday, June 30th, 2023 show starts at 8pm AND Saturday, July 1st, 2023, Doors at 10:30 PM, show starts at 11PM (After Dead and Company conclude at Folsom Field) How much? Tickets available! Why go? With Melvin Seals, the longtime musical companion of Jerry Garcia, the spirit of the Grateful Dead lives on in this show. Don't miss it! Secure your spot here for June 30th and here for July 1st.

The Motet @ Boulder Theater When? Sunday, July 2nd, 2023 Doors at 10:30 PM, show starts at 11PM (After Dead and Company conclude at Folsom Field) How much? Tickets available! Why go? The Motet's unique blend of Afrobeat, funk, and jazz promises to keep your heart pounding and feet tapping. Book your musical journey here

Yonder Mountain String Band @ Boulder Theater When? Monday, July 3rd, 2023 Doors at 10:30 PM, show starts at 11PM (After Dead and Company conclude at Folsom Field) How much? Tickets available! Why go? End your Dead weekend with a high-energy, progressive bluegrass show that's sure to leave you buzzing. Get your tickets here