Howard Jones Lends Vocals to Rachael Sage's New Duet "I Made a Case" with a Stunning Music Video

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Friday, November 3, 2023

The spellbinding synergy of 80’s pop music icon Howard Jones and indie singer-songwriter Rachael Sage has crystallized in the form of a brand-new duet, “I Made a Case,” accompanied by a visually striking music video that is available for viewing today.

Rachael Sage, known for her vivid songwriting and expressive performances, has co-written this evocative track with Nashville's esteemed Jeff Cohen, whose songwriting credits include Sugarland and Big and Rich. The song features a lush orchestral arrangement that elevates the heartfelt lyrics and melody to new heights, with production by Sage and Grammy® winning mixer Andy Zulla.

Howard Jones, whose voice helped define a generation of pop music, brings his distinct vocal character to "I Made a Case," complementing Sage's voice with precision and warmth. The song has earned high praise from Jones himself, who has stated, “'I Made a Case' is the best song Rachael has ever written.” He elaborates on Sage’s lyrical prowess by saying, “Rachael’s lyrics have so much depth – she is really a poet and this music is so needed, especially now."

Sage, equally inspired by the collaboration, recounts her excitement and honor at having Jones join her on this track. “It was an enormous honor to have him involved in recording the duet version, and he couldn’t have been any more encouraging or positive throughout the process!” she says. The mutual admiration is palpable, with Jones adding, “Rachael has opened up for me a number of times when I’ve toured with my acoustic trio, and it was a real pleasure to contribute to her record. I suppose I’m becoming a bit more collaborative with people that I like!"

The release of the music video, directed by the innovative Tobias LaMontagne, adds an extra layer of artistry to the collaboration. LaMontagne describes the creative process as an intricate blend of various techniques including miniature sets, paper crafting, and meticulous lighting, leading to a captivating visual narrative that enhances the song's emotional core.

The collaboration between Howard Jones and Rachael Sage is a testament to the timeless nature of great songwriting and the magic that occurs when artists across genres and generations converge.

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