Humbletown just released their new album "The Path I Chose to Walk"

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Friday, January 20, 2023

Humbletown was born in a small town on the prairie and with the release of their new album "The Path I Chose to Walk," they are moving toward a national following. Haunting vocal harmonies, melodic clawhammer banjo, and high- energy flatpicking guitar showcase the songwriting talents of musicians Morgan Carnes and Dylan Lewis. They are inspired by traditional music rooted in the Appalachians, and their music reflects this influence as well as modern folk, bluegrass, and Americana undertones.

The Path I Chose to Walk is Humbletown's debut album. The title "The Path I Chose to Walk" addresses the various choices and life events that lead us to where we are today. Every small decision or life event takes part in building the larger picture of your life. This album shares some snapshots from the lives of the songwriters.

Track list:

1. Hold You Up 3:14
2. Fade to Nothin 4:44
3. Pretty Little Things 3:42
4. Anna Lee 4:58
5. Out West 2:55
6. Lonesome Bones 2:15
7. Drink to the Desert 3:12
8. Sunshine in the Rain 3:00
9. Snowglobe 2:59
10. The Coyote Song 4:29
11. Long Way to the Ground 3:50
12. Vines 4:09