Jorma Kaukonen and John Hurlbut celebrate the release of One More Lifetime

Article Contributed by Cash Edwards M… | Published on Friday, May 3, 2024

"One More Lifetime," the new recording by John Hurlbut and Jorma Kaukonen, "…is more than exciting – it is the stuff of dreams!" muses Jorma Kaukonen. The album is replete with Jorma and John’s musical history and friendship. The picking is stellar, and the singing is soulful. In addition to several classics like Dylan’s “I’ll Remember You” and Woody Guthrie’s “Pastures of Plenty,” they included two of John Hurlbut’s originals, “Day in the Country” and “Lazy Saint.”

This is the third album by the duo (though an actual box set of the first two recordings does confuse the numbering issue). No Depression said of the previous recordings, "Kaukonen and Hurlbut view music as a conversation. What we hear in this acoustic marvel is an intimate tête-à-tête celebrating 40 years of friendship."

A pioneer of San Francisco psychedelia, Jorma Kaukonen is a bona fide graybeard folk swami. He mostly lays back, a master in situ, unfurling melodies and savoring every note.” – Rolling Stone Magazine

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In a career that has already spanned a half-century, Jorma Kaukonen has been one of the most highly respected interpreters of American roots music, blues, and rock. A member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and a Grammy recipient, Jorma was at the forefront of popular rock and roll, one of the founders of the San Francisco sound and a progenitor of Psychedelic Rock. He is a founding member of two legendary bands, Jefferson Airplane and the still-touring Hot Tuna. Jorma Kaukonen is a music legend and one of the finest singer-songwriters in his field. He continues to tour the world, bringing his unique styling to old blues tunes while presenting new songs of weight and dimension. His secret is in playing spontaneous and unfiltered music, with an individual expression of personality. In 2016, Jorma, Jack Casady, and the other members of Jefferson Airplane were awarded The Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for their contributions to American music and were recognized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a Star.

As Jorma’s former road manager and the only manager of his Fur Peach Ranch Guitar Camp, John Hurlbut and Jorma have been friends since 1984. John was born in Rhode Island, grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and attended Ohio State University. He has been playing guitar since he was ten and made the natural progression from high school to college bands. During his tenure as a record store owner, John was exposed to every type of music and as a musicologist, he has a deep appreciation for all types of music. While he loves rock n roll and the blues, his main driver is reggae. He also is knowledgeable of jazz, roots, Americana, folk, and world music.