Lee Baggett’s 'Anyway' Available Now

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Thursday, September 15, 2022

Lee Baggett began a new chapter of his varied (and sometimes eccentric) songwriting career with the release of 2021’s perennial Just A Minute. This time around he continues to experiment heavily with blended styles on his latest full length Anyway, an album for all seasons. The 10-song collection occasionally leans into a spirited vibe, as exhibited on the albums lead single “Fruit Dog," and the vibrant and jangly “Highway Roll.”  The country-tinged sonic elements on Anyway may surprise listeners—with the addition of faux-organ, banjo, and harmonica, Baggett leads us on an uncertain journey down a winding road. On “Highway Roll,” he confronts how landscapes and settings he once knew are now unrecognizable, and takes that motif a step further on “Earlier Than The World” by sublimely and vividly describing “concrete and rubble” amongst a sea of delicate, yet caustic guitar riffs. Escape seems to be a viable option for Baggett with “Sink In My Dreams” and “Dust In The Wind” serving as the album’s soothing remedies, inviting the listener to sit back and get lost in Baggett’s mesmerizing guitar playing. His agile guitar work on the album resonates powerfully and feels driven by passion.

The coastal melancholy of Baggett’s back catalog is evoked on songs like “Oh Well” and “Anyway”. But it’s clearly that there’s more intimacy concealed in the crevices of his slanted words and hooks. Throughout, Baggett uses his refined storytelling to share his relatable fears and coping mechanisms, his unexpected path to love, and his musings on a decaying world, amongst other experiences. His conversational disposition, folk-styled lyricism, and poignant atmospheric haze make for an immersive and nostalgic experience that grows with every listen.

Lee Baggett: Anyway

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