Miles Over Mountains Release New Album Burn the Ships

Article Contributed by Omni Arts Group | Published on Friday, April 14, 2023

Miles Over Mountains released their newest album Burn the Ships on Friday, March 31, with an album release party in Chicago at Durtie Nellie’s with friends Fox Crossing Stringband and Pete Jive . This is their fourth full length album for the band. This album is special, as all songs were recorded with Shawn Drake on fiddle, before he passed away in June of 2022.

This album is dedicated in loving memory of Shawn Drake -

“One evening over tacos and cold cheap beers, we discussed various ideas for the title of this forthcoming album. We wanted something that was poignant and relevant to our relative journey of creating this album and sharing it with the world. The basic theme saying "all in", "no looking back", "can't turn around" felt right on to us.

After Shawn's passing about a month later, there was no thought whatsoever as to what our album would be titled, and who's spirit it would sing in remembrance of. Make no mistake, every show the band ever plays from now until forever is for Shawn. However, these songs happen to feature the last recorded musical efforts of one of the greatest souls we ever felt glow upon us.

“Burn the Ships" accurately represented where we were. Little did we know, it would come to accurately represent where we found ourselves. And now, it represents where we find ourselves, as this band pushes forward against whatever the current may be."

The name Burn the Ships comes from a metaphorical expression that comes from the early 1500’s. It is said to have come from the 1519 Spanish conquest of Mexico when commander Hernan Cortes burned all of his ships so that his men would be forced to win or die. In short, the message we’re going for states “no turning back”. Removing the option to turn away, you are forced to keep moving, as hard as it may be. This band continues to push forward no matter what comes their way.

Listen to the album here

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