San Francisco's Lot 49 Serves Up Vibes with Sierra Lane in Latest Single, "Malibu"

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Saturday, September 9, 2023

Fans of summer vibes and evocative storytelling, rejoice! San Francisco's own reggae-indie pop band, Lot 49, is driving the airwaves with a brand new single, "Malibu." As if that's not enough to get the summer pulse racing, the band joins forces with the rapidly rising star from Law Records, Sierra Lane. With a staggering 800,000 streams in a short span, Sierra is not just making waves, she's causing tsunamis.

"Malibu" is not just another summer anthem; it's a narrative, a story, a journey. Channeling the eternal saga of Bonnie & Clyde, this track is all about the love that knows no boundaries. It paints a vivid picture: a car speeding with lovers on the run, seeking refuge in the sun-kissed corners of Malibu, while plunging deep into the whirlpool of love. Whether it's robbing banks together or just savoring a sunset, "Malibu" captures the essence of doing it all for love.

Lot 49, with their unmistakable reggae-pop blend, has always been a refreshing breeze in the music scene, drawing inspiration from the likes of Iration and Rebelution, yet maintaining an identity that's challenging to pigeonhole. Since their formation in 2018, the band's journey has been nothing short of meteoric. With notable gigs at renowned venues like The Catalyst and Cornerstone and a remarkable appearance at the 2022 Dry Diggings Music Festival, Lot 49's musical voyage seems to be unstoppable.

So, as the summer of 2023 races towards its peak, why not dive into a refreshing mix of reggae and pop, served chilled by Lot 49 and Sierra Lane? "Malibu" is now streaming everywhere. Get your dose of summer romance wherever you quench your music thirst.

About Lot 49: Hailing from the golden coasts of San Francisco, Lot 49 offers an eclectic mix of reggae with indie-pop undertones. Drawing inspiration from iconic Cali Reggae figures and adding their signature touch, their music stands out in an ocean of tunes. With a full-length album, several singles, and a growing fanbase, Lot 49 is a name to remember and a band to watch.