Skiles’ Sonorous Eulogy: Premiering 'Keep Me'

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Monday, July 17, 2023

Grateful Web is delighted to unveil the premiere of Aaron Skiles' new single, "Keep Me," the second off his forthcoming album, "Whistle Past the Grave," set for release on September 15.

Skiles, a musician of profound sincerity and raw talent, is no stranger to critical acclaim. His album "Wreckage From the Fire," released in April 2022, drew high praises from critics and fans alike. Co-produced and written with Matt Patton of the Drive-By-Truckers, the album boasted a raw, rocking tone that resonated deeply with listeners. The upcoming album, "Whistle Past the Grave," promises to maintain this musical grit and integrity.

"This record is a logical follow-up to my last record," Skiles says. Patton, Skiles' collaborator, affirms the sentiment, describing "Whistle Past The Grave" as "pretty rocking, still raw". It seems that Skiles has once again succeeded in striking the perfect balance between intensity and vulnerability, an accomplishment he was clearly aiming for.

"Keep Me," however, isn't just another track in Skiles' discography; it carries a profound personal significance for the artist. It's a song he envisages playing at his own funeral, a testament to its depth and the intimate connection Skiles has with it.

"This song is based on an ancient Jewish meditation for mourners," Skiles explains. "It talks about the fact that when someone is gone, the love they left behind remains. And rather than mourn their loss, pass that remaining love onto others." Skiles discovered this profound verse a few years back and the powerful message stuck with him, ultimately inspiring the creation of "Keep Me".

Skiles has a remarkable talent for exploring heavy, poignant themes with an invigorating energy. With "Keep Me," he juxtaposes the solemnity of the theme with a vibrant melody and distorted guitars. The result is a track that is both emotionally stirring and exciting, a unique blend of elements that seems to encapsulate the ethos of Skiles' music.

In "Keep Me," listeners will find a profound exploration of loss, love, and legacy, masterfully set to the backdrop of Skiles' raw and rocking soundscape. And as we eagerly await the release of "Whistle Past the Grave," it's safe to say that this single stands as a testament to Skiles' compelling musical journey and the exciting paths he continues to traverse.

Stay tuned for "Whistle Past the Grave," where Aaron Skiles' continues to delve deep into the human spirit, unearthing emotions and connecting listeners through the power of his raw, rocking music.