Tommy Kaelin and Musical Maestros: Conjuring a Spectacular Realm in 'Dreams'

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Sunday, October 8, 2023

Tommy Kaelin, the seasoned drummer, singer, and songwriter, revered for his impactful presence in The Hatters and performances with Vince Welnick of The Grateful Dead, embarks on a soulful journey with the release of his album, "Dreams". This multi-faceted album not only scaled to #5 on the Relix/Jambands Radio Chart but also sustained its position for two consecutive months, showcasing its resonating impact within the Indie Rock, Modern Rock, Album Rock, and Jam Band genres.

Star-Studded Collaboration

"Dreams" harmoniously unites the talents of notable artists across various tracks, producing a sonorous blend of evocative melodies and rich, layered instrumentation. Featuring:

  • Buddy Cage of The New Riders of the Purple Sage and Bob Dylan on pedal steel guitar.
  • Tree Adams, renowned for his diverse career in music and sound production, on lead vocals and guitar.
  • Billy Jay Stein, the Multi-Grammy winner, caressing the keys.
  • Jon Kaplan, Grammy winner, commanding the bass guitar.
  • Jason Crosby embellishing tunes with his adept strings and brass performance.

Highlight Tracks

  • Sweet Return (featuring Tree Adams) - A nostalgic blend of Jam Band and Indie Rock.
  • Wishing Well - A melodic intersection of Indie Rock and Jam Band, featuring Tree Adams, Billy Jay Stein, Jon Kaplan, and Jason Crosby.
  • Al’s Anti-Gravity Machine - Released as a single on 6/23/23, this Indie Rock gem also features Billy Jay Stein.
  • Green River (Single Edit)(featuring Tree Adams) - A journey through Indie Rock and Jam Band soundscapes with the full Hatters lineup.

Acclaim and Recognition

"Dreams" has resonated across radio stations throughout the US, with numerous songs receiving widespread play, reflecting Tommy's innovative musical expressions and the synergistic collaboration of accomplished artists.

Spotify and More

Selected tracks "Wishing Well", "Green River" (Single Edit), and "Al’s Anti-Gravity Machine" have been integrated into the Spotify playlist, Modern Jam Band, spreading the enthralling soundscapes to a wider audience. Download the wav or mp3 files of "Dreams" here.

A Journey Through Dreams

"Dreams" is not merely an album; it is a narrative sculpted through melodic stories and emotional depths, expressed through the collective mastery of each artist's contribution. Dive deep into this enchanting auditory experience and explore the full credits and intricate details at