Winslow | Left of the Right Direction | New Music Review

Article Contributed by Elliot Engebretson | Published on Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Introducing Winslow, an original blend of soulful pop rock complete with underlying elements of jazz and funk that will have you laughing, crying, and moving to the beat. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, this inspiring 6-piece group has a rich and cultured history when it comes to studying and performing music. Incorporating traditional soul methods and combining them with modern age rock n’ roll has given Winslow a loyal and growing fan base, along with being able to share the stage with superstars such as Earth Wind & Fire, Incubus, Rusted Root, and Robert Randolph. It’s no secret that these Midwest soul providers are on the up-rise, and with their new album, “Left of the Right Direction” debuting on March 26th via Little Fish Records this group bound to making an impact on modern day soul rock.Recently Winslow hooked up with Grammy-Award Winning Producer Edwin “Tony” Nicholas, and Grammy-Nominated Engineer Nick Chahwala to produce their newest album titled “Left of the Right Direction.” Their sophomore release shows a more mature, well-orchestrated side of the group. Lead singer Maurice Martin delivers powerful lyrics of love and loss, backed by tight-knit percussion and smooth melodies that combine to form a masterpiece of an album. The second single off the new album, “Nothin’s Easy,” shows a softer, more emotional side of Winslow. Inspiring lyrics soar over brilliant drum work by percussionist Jesse Marquardt, and topped with a passionate saxophone solo to make this an instant feel-good hit of the summer. Another great aspect of Winslow’s new album “Left of the Right Direction,” is the versatility of the band. Being able to develop emotion through inspirational tracks, followed by laying down funky melodies that will get you out of your seat. “Alone Tonight,” stands out as a premier track and is a perfect example of their diverse formula. Driving dance beats layered over catchy guitar riffs and soulful expressions make a recipe for success, and give a vibe similar to the sounds of Maroon 5 or Dave Matthews Band. This dance rock formula has been gaining popularity recently and complements the sound of Winslow well. Not only is the sound and feel of the new album different, some of the members are new as well. Adding three new members since their debut album has given Winslow and more unique and true sound. We really develop a sense of feel for the direction of the group, no pun intended. Overall, “Left of the Right Direction,” delivers from top to bottom, giving you aspects of all different genres and sounds. Be sure to pick up your copy of Winslow’s sophomore album on Little Fish Records on Tuesday, March 26.Nowadays, it’s getting harder and harder to find truly inspired music. I’m talking about music that was manufactured and poured from the heart and soul. Well-crafted music is becoming a rarity these days, however Winslow begs to differ. This 6-piece group from Cleveland delivers music that was crafted from the heart, developed by the mind, and inspired by the soul.