Wittingly Humorous & Teary-Eyed Emotions | The Milk Carton Kids

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kenneth Pattengale & Joey Ryan of Milk Carton Kids have great talent and passion behind their soulful guitar picking and melodramatic story telling.  Their songs remind you of a cool summer night relaxing under the stars while enjoying the company of your loved one. This duo has struck a chord with their “coming-of-age” bluegrass acoustic stream of melodies. They not only satisfied the palette of the audience by conversing and interacting with them, but after the show they even hung around and promoted their “free” album. Yes, Free! But I would discourage you to download the free album, just suck it up and buy it!

When I was asked to review the band, I started laughing.. Not because I am afraid of my lack of journalistic talent, but because truly the amount of pressure it is to describe my thoughts and feelings of being in the moment that night. When Kenneth and Joey entered the stage they brought warmth and honesty that got the audience’s attention. It was my first time experiencing a show at the Bluebird Theater and to be honest, because of the romantic secluded atmosphere it seemed like these guys were jamming in my backyard.

It's hard to believe that with only 2 antique guitars, (I believe one being a rare type of Martin Guitar), vintage digs, and Cowboy boots this pair could win over the entire audience with their memoirs and storytelling. Joking about playing in coffee shops and schlepping "Joe Purdy's" band around the duo is in high spirits with their craft. Both have a vast background of close to 10 solo projects between them. They have only been playing a year together, but their chemistry on stage is amazing. You can truly tell they enjoy what they do.

Kenneth has created a song for his unborn daughter that has been getting a lot of reviews. It’s a great song, don't get me wrong but my favorites that I seem to be streaming on a daily basis are "As It Must Be” or "Permanent." I believe that music has a huge part in a person’s life. Whether you’re going through a funk, living life to the fullest there is always a song for the moments in life. And right now, both these songs are nailing it on the head. It's nice to relate my life with the song lyrics of this band. As I watched over the audience when Ken and Joey were singing "Permanent" I saw grown men crying, and women in a lyrical daze. It is safe to say that the crowd had their appetizer and is ready for the main course!