Yarmony Music Festival (previously YarmonyGrass) has been a staple of the Colorado music festival scene for almost 20 years. It is universally beloved by those who annually don their pirate gear, pack their floats and rafts, and celebrate the original festival on the Colorado River that Yarmony fans hold so dear. Yarmony was last held in August of 2019. But now, after 5 years, Yarmony rises again!

50 years ago, the Grateful Dead were cooking with gas. It was spring 1974, the band had successfully emerged from a series of hectic, harrowing times, and would soon follow their transformative Wake Of The Flood with the second acclaimed album release on their very own Grateful Dead Records: From The Mars Hotel.


Pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo of music merchandise as we know it, Cymbals For Change has entered the ring (no pun intended). A mission-driven artist merchandise company, Cymbals For Change’s objective is simple: to (physically) bridge the gap between fan and artist by way of jewelry, all while donating to a charity, cause, or organization of the drummer or band’s choice.

Renowned rock icon Dave Mason, a Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer and one of the greatest singer-songwriters of his era, is set to release his highly anticipated memoir, titled Only You Know and I Know. This groundbreaking book marks the first time a member of Traffic has penned a memoir, offering fans a rare glimpse into the extraordinary life and career of one of music's unsung legends. The book is set for release on September 10, 2024 and available for pre-order HERE.

Grammy® Award winner TOMMY EMMANUEL—acoustic guitarist extraordinaire, composer, and global touring artist—has today (May 9) released a newly shot live performance video for “Bella Soave,” a track from his upcoming album ENDLESS ROAD: 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION out May 17. View the Bella Soave” video—which begins with TOMMY talking about the song’s inspiration—HERE.

Today, May 9th, 2024, Billy Joel—iconic musician, unparalleled pianist, and the voice of several generations—turns 75. As we reflect on his monumental career and the indescribable impact he's had on music and culture, it’s clear that Billy Joel isn’t just a performer; he's a living legend whose tunes have become the soundtrack of countless lives.


The first week of the New Orleans Jazz Festival wrapped up on Sunday, and it was a spectacular day! Initially, there were concerns about rain, but the weather turned out perfect with clear skies and a refreshing breeze. The crowds were smaller than Saturday's, making it easier to navigate the festival grounds and access food quickly.

The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is pleased to announce the winners of its 2023 competition. After careful consideration by a distinguished panel of judges comprising iconic music artists, songwriters, and industry professionals, the winners have emerged from a diverse pool of approximately 14,000 entries spanning a multitude of genres and 140 countries.


Earl Scruggs Music Festival returns to Mill Spring, NC August 30-September 1 with a trifecta of outstanding talent, supreme amenities, and family friendly entertainment.

With a friendship forged in the the early '90s bluegrass scene, Jason Carter and Michael Cleveland soon discovered they shared a plethora of fiddle influences that shaped their illustrious careers. From late-night jam sessions and unforgettable stage performances, to recording on each others solo projects, the idea of a joint collaboration began taking shape with each passing conversation.

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