Philly-based comic book-inspired hard rock band The Stereotytans have just released their latest single, “Stranger Machine,” an anthemic, rollicking mashup between the Netflix show Stranger Things’ theme song and Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the Machine.”

Denver it is time to Move to the Music. Welcome to the Dazzling Age of Denver’s music scene.

Dazzle presents an explosion of Large Ensemble performances, most Monday evenings at 7:00 PM, starting July 11th.

Indie-folk artist Cujo Moon has released his latest EP, Horizons on the 3rd of June via Tone Tree Music / Cujo Moon. On the EP, listeners will find the previously unheard ‘Moonlight’ single which will be accompanied by an antique lyric video, compiled from clips of a 1928 educational film, as well as the recently released ‘In The Stars’, ‘Spirits’ and ‘Young Dreams’.

MPress Records has just released "All Signs To Amsterdam", the second track/video by A Fragile Tomorrow ahead of the highly anticipated release of their new album, It's Better That Way (out July 15th). Ultra cool and wild, the video – a combination of performance directed by Ted Comerford and animation by Max Werkmeister (whose super flying psychedelic mermaid is the star) – brings this hook-driven song to an unforgettable level.

Celebrated singer-songwriter and guitarist Vieux Farka Touré today releases his new album Les Racines via World Circuit Records. Touré is known as the “Hendrix of the Sahara” and the son of the late Desert Blues pioneer Ali Farka Touré; the album Les Racines is Touré’s debut album on the label and his first since 2017.

The legendary, GRAMMY-winning vocalist Skip Martin of Kool & The Gang is the latest artist to be featured on Live At The Print Shop, the new buzzed-about online performance and interview series out of Marietta, Georgia. Featuring performances of some of his biggest hits, including “Get Down On It” and “Celebration,” the episode also includes an in-depth interview that digs deep into Martin’s upbringing, influences, and personal story.

Spirit Hustler is modern classic rock from the Bay Area born of an acoustic heart and layered with cosmic electricity. Its self-titled debut (released online 05/22/22) puts a fresh spin on the traditional album with a distinct opener and closer on each side, but rather than an overwrought “concept” album,” this is an album with a creative concept—a Theatre of the Mind in two acts. Imaginative songs are mini-movies inspired by actual experiences and rendered into animated audio art.

Eight years ago, house producer Claude VonStroke dreamt of an independent music festival that could cut through the mediocrity of corporate raving and foster a community of weirdos and dance heads looking for something more. The result was Dirtybird Campout - a wild and free playground for fans of all backgrounds, a place where creativity and positivity reign supreme, and a destination where you can come of age, again and again, every summer.

Rock ‘n’ roll singer-songwriter Ninet Tayeb shows off her guitar-driven riffs and soaring vocals as a landscape for her captivating, reflective new single “Who Is Us.” The Israeli superstar songstress accompanies the track alongside a cinematic music video designed to tell the spiritual lyrical story of forgiveness, patience, presence, and bravery while facing life’s unknowns.

Frontman of the Midwest hip hop group Atmosphere, Sean Daley, or "Slug" as he goes by on stage, is a rare breed in the sense that seems to wear his heart on his sleeve and has the perspective to allow himself to be his own person rather than a manufactured image of an onstage persona. Sean carries himself with a sobering energy that reflects his sincerity in how he sees the world and communicates with a level of genuineness and empathy that is refreshing to see in an artist of his tenure.

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