Bonnie Sims

Bonnie & Taylor Sims sold out the historic Armory Music Venue in Fort Collins last night. The husband-and-wife Texas natives, who have called Colorado their home for several years, have established a loyal, loving fan base here. Armed with fire in their hearts, acoustic guitars, and mile-high smiles, the two were welcomed with open arms by the enthusiastic audience.

GASOLINE LOLLIPOPS confirms their return to the Fox Theatre for a headline performance on December  31st. Tickets for the show, with support from Bonnie & Taylor Sims and Phoebe Hunt, are on sale now.  

Gasoline Lollipops stitch scraps of American roots music to patches of their own tattered hearts to form an all-new tapestry of bleeding rock n’ roll. 

Colorado-based duo Bonnie & Taylor Sims released their third and final single “The Cigarette Song” from their forthcoming self-titled debut album on September 15th.


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