Dave Bruzza

The latest unique news headline out of the music community is that the co-founder of a nationally-touring, genre busting bluegrass act delivers his first solo recording in the style of surf rock. Dave Bruzza, known for two decades of work as guitarist, vocalist and songwriting of Greensky Bluegrass, today offers up Heart of Santa Cruz in the form of a 45 rpm on vinyl.

Expanding his role from handling the guitar and vocal duties in the nationally-touring act Greensky Bluegrass, Dave Bruzza today announces a midwestern tour with his side project ‘Unsafe At Any Speed’. In addition to Bruzza fronting the group, the quintet features Justin Mazer on guitar, Jeremy Darrow on bass, Michael Shimmin on drums, and Matthew Rowland on keyboards.

Kitchen Dwellers have announced a livestream and virtual auction titled “Love for Boulder” that will air Saturday, March 27 via the Relix

As the week winds to a close, we are reflecting back with some thoughts about the undoubtedly historic run of musical performances that just occurred this past week at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY: Billy Strings’ “The Deja Vu Experiments,” which saw the bluegrass guitarist and his quartet play six consecutive shows at the rock palace, live-streamed to what was reported as over 30,000 viewers tuning in.

Do you dance when you stream a show? I can’t do it. But I’ll admit, as the stage lights came up, replacing Billy Strings’ concert poster, I could feel the gooseflesh on my arms perking up. What is a full concert experience right now? Interactive? Maybe. Original? Definitely. Happening now; unfolding with, or in spite, of me. The energy on stage must be manifested in a different way. So, what is the place of the viewer? We no longer are wrapped up in the vibe we are helping to create.

201 Productions presents Dave Bruzza, singer/songwriter and guitarist of Greensky Bluegrass, returning to the live stream ‘stage’ this coming Wednesday, May 20 at 10:05 PM ET. The subdued, live acoustic performance directly follows the Greensky Bluegrass ‘Live from The Archive’ weekly stream. A portion of the ‘tip jar’ proceeds will go to benefit Headcount

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