David Gilmour

Out of a preponderance of caution for our fans, musicians & technicians we are obliged to announce : THE GILMOUR PROJECT is postponing all engagements through January 27 of our inaugural tour. Jan. 28 > Feb. 7 remain intact with the understanding that the pandemic remains unpredictable.

On November 25, Thanksgiving Night, The Gilmour Project will ‘serve’ ‘The Dark Slice’ following everyone’s traditional, festive family dinner gathering. Whether you prefer turkey, white meat or dark, or you are vegan - ‘The Dark Slice’ promised to be delicious viewing.

Today marks the official announcement of The Gilmour Project’s 2022 National Tour, also revealing the band’s fitting show concept. This news couples the excitement of their upcoming live stream debut on June 24th from The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.

The Gilmour Project was poised and ready to launch in April 2020, then the world hit the pause button. They re-emerge in 2021 pivoting to David Gilmour’s Pink Floyd repertoire. The songs that compel exploration & improvisation are mainly Gilmour’s and this rendition certainly does not dismiss the iconic contributions of all 5 historic musicians that comprise the Pink Floyd complement.

On February 25, 2020, mere days before the first case of COVID-19 was discovered in the UK, as the ongoing pandemic necessitated the suspension of modern society, a very special concert took place at the legendary Palladium in London celebrating the songs of Peter Green and the original incarnation of Fleetwood Mac.

The audience at that sold out show witnessed something unique at what would be the last live concert anyone would attend until further notice. This show also now takes on a particularly poignant meaning, with the unfortunate passing of Peter Green in July 2020.

Dead Floyd | Coming Back To Life | Boulder Theater | 6/1/19

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