Terrapin Flyer

Terrapin Flyer will soon embark on its Spring Tour of the western United States. The tour will hit 7 states, 15 shows in 23 days. Terrapin Flyer is a Chicago-based Grateful Dead band performing for the last 25 years with the best musicians in the Grateful Dead extended family of musicians. Previous tours have featured former members of the Grateful Dead: Tom Constanten and Vince Welnick, former Jerry Garcia Band Melvin Seals, and many other prominent musicians.

As the moon slid gracefully between the Earth and the sun, the sky transformed into a masterpiece of deep indigo. A transcendental shade, indigo knows and holds the universe's secrets within its depths. The celestial dance summoned the wizard of cosmic wonders, weaving a tapestry of wonder together for all who bravely gazed upon its majesty.

Terrapin Flyer | WOW Hall | 5/7/23 | set 2
Terrapin Flyer | WOW Hall | 5/7/23 | set 1

Terrapin Flyer is one of the top touring Grateful Dead bands and on their just announced 18 show Fall Tour they will be returning to the western United States. The band has performed for the last 23 years with the best musicians in the Dead scene and often with former members of the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band! Their shows with Vince Welnick, Tom Constanten and Melvin Seals established them as a national touring force and a reference in Rolling Stones official Grateful Dead issue.

Terrapin Flyer | Wow Hall | 5/7/22

Don’t miss your chance to see Grammy Winning Nigerian Talking Drum Master Sikiru Adepoju of Planet Drum join forces with Chicago-based Dead Tribute Terrapin Flyer this Friday evening at the Ivy Room for a very special Grateful Friday. Advance tix are still only $15, additional tickets will be available for $20 at the door tonight.


Terrapin Flyer | WOW Hall | 11/6/21

Terrapin Flyer is celebrating 20 years of touring with some of the most iconic members of the Grateful Dead family with a Summer Tour with Melvin Seals from the Jerry Garcia Band June 12 - 28th.  Terrapin Flyer has been performing with Melvin for 15 years including touring under the monikers of both JGB and Melvin Seals and Friends.   The 2019 Terrapin Flyer tour will hit the Midwest and Eastern United States including 2 festival stops.

Spring is springing and Terrapin Flyer with Melvin Seals are hitting the road again this time going East! Along with Melvin is a great new configuration that includes two players who have never toured with Terrapin with Melvin. The tour will feature bassist extraordinaire Janis Wallin who played with Melvin and Steve Kimock in Crazy Engine and has played many previous TF shows that did not include Melvin.

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