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A quarter-century ago, guitarist Eddie Roberts joined forces in Leeds (that’s a city in the U.K., my friends) with drummer Simon Allen, bassist Pete Shand, and keyboardist Bob Birch. Birch was replaced by Joe Tatton in 2007, and Tatton remains in the band to this day. Now, with over a dozen studio albums under their collective belts, the mostly-instrumental jazz-funk quartet is on tour to celebrate their new record, the not-ironically named “Old School.”

The New Mastersounds, a venerable powerhouse in the modern funk and soul scene, are set to electrify the Fox Theatre with their transcendent sound on Thursday, June 20, 2024. Celebrating over two decades of musical innovation and evolution, the band continues to enchant audiences with their dynamic performances and groundbreaking recordings.

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Today, longstanding international funk and soul-jazz heroes The New Mastersounds have released “Smoothie,” the second single off of their forthcoming album ‘Old School’ available via One Note Records on March 29th.

The New Mastersounds’ guitarist and bandleader Eddie Roberts has released the second single with his brand new project The Lucky Strokes entitled “Sweet Dreams.” The newly formed band features Mississippi-based vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Shelby Kemp (Royal Horses) and the Florida-based sisters Ashely Galbraith on bass and Taylor Galbraith on drums.

Bajaja Music Fest has announced its inaugural three-day event taking place from November 30 - December 2 on the Pacific beachside of Baja California Sur, providing 8+ hours of music every day and one-of-a-kind collaborations that won’t be found at any other festival this year.

If luck is what happens when hard work meets opportunity, the union of Eddie Roberts & The Lucky Strokes epitomizes that adage.

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom is a hallmark Denver venue featuring a unique wrap-around balcony and two rooms that offer live music simultaneously: Cervantes’ Other Side. Each room operates independently of the other, but they are connected, which gives patrons the freedom to venture back and forth between each room.

For over two decades, The New Mastersounds have maintained more than just a reputation of longevity. Instead, they’ve cultivated a rare balance of consistency, yet commitment to constantly evolving their sound. Forged out of the golden age of the modern funk and soul revival in 1999, the band has amassed a catalog of sixteen albums, embarked on countless world tours, and drawn in a broad audience through both their original material and collaborations with esteemed vocalists and remixers.

International funk group The New Mastersounds have released “Watchu Want,” the third single off of the group’s forthcoming 17th album The Deplar Effect recorded at Floki Studios.

International funk group The New Mastersounds have released “Let Me In From the Cold,” the second single off of the group’s forthcoming 17th album The Deplar Effect recorded at Floki Studios.

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