Park City Song Summit

“Artists, songwriters, and creators give so much to their craft and by proxy, to us,” says Park City Song Summit founder, Ben Anderson. “How are we supporting those who have soundtracked our lives? How can we move this artist-to-fan relationship from the transactional to the truly supportive?” His answer? A festival love letter to the power of songs. What started as Anderson’s passion for music has grown into what has become one of the most talked about independent music festivals in the country.

From day one at Park City Song Summit—the intimate mountain retreat for music lovers held September 7-9 in Park City, Utah—founders wanted to put an emphasis on the power of the song; not just in performance, but their inspiration, development, and creation as well. That’s why half of Song Summit’s programming comes in the form of Summit Labs: open-ended discussions and panels designed to bring fans closer to the artists they love, both physically and contextually.

“Last year's Park City Song Summit was the stuff dreams are made of,” says the event’s founder and ringmaster, Ben Anderson. “Our artists, speakers, and attendees all walked away with lasting stories and songs to remember our inaugural event.” This year, PCSS is building on what was a stellar inaugural gathering—check out SPIN’s recap here—by not only growing entertainment offerings but moving to a new venue capable of sharing the Song Summit experience with a bigger audience.

As we quickly approach the one month countdown to the inaugural weekend of Park City Song Summit, event organizers have released even more opportunities for fans to experience the magic firsthand.

This September, Park City Song Summit will welcome fans and artists alike to experience live music like they’ve never before. The all-new rejuvenating mountain retreat will offer artist-led discussions by day and small-venue performances by night.

Park City Song Summit, an all-new, intimate mountain retreat for music lovers, will certainly include some very special live performances, but the heartbeat of the event is the creative process itself, discussed and shared in an open dialog with the finest song crafters of our modern age. The artist-led discussions have been dubbed Summit Labs, and today, Park City Song Summit has released a list of Lab themes and participants for each day of its inaugural weekend; September 7-10 in Park City, Utah.

With Park City Song Summit, organizers have set out to accomplish one thing over the course of September 7-10: redefine the live music experience.

Live performances are a major ingredient of the Song Summit, but this intimate mountain retreat for music lovers orbits around the minute details of the creative process itself—the why and how music comes about, struggles and breakthroughs alike—in an open dialog with the finest songcrafters of our modern age.

Organizers for Park City Song Summit, the five-day music and culture gathering happening Sept. 8-12 in Park City, UT, have outlined COVID-19 safety protocol for this year’s event. After consulting and meeting with top health officials, infectious disease experts, local government, various artist agents/managers, and high-level festival and concert promoters to employ best practices around large gatherings, Song Summit organizers are proactively taking safety measures for Song Summit talent, attendees, and staff.

Park City Song Summit is pleased to announce the following lineup additions to this year’s performance and Lab programming: Jason Isbell, Reyna Roberts, DJ Logic, David Ramirez, Craig Finn & The Uptown Controllers, and Josh Kelley. The creatives listed here join an already stacked lineup featuring Mavis Staples, Father John Misty, Leslie Jordan, Kamasi Washington, Amanda Shires, Gary Clark Jr., Andrew Bird, Ryan Bingham, and so many more in a variety of formats.

Park City Song Summit, the five-day music and culture gathering happening September 8-12 in Park City, UT, is pleased to announce that single-day tickets and full-Summit passes are now on-sale via

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