Start Making Sense

Musikfest Cafe in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has one of the most unique backdrops in the country: Bethlehem Steel. Forming in 1904 (having roots all the way back to 1857), Bethlehem Steel or “The Steel”, as many of the city’s natives call it, was home to some of the hardest working employees for decades. On Thursday evening, a collaboration of top-notch musicians, Everyone Orchestra, came to town conducted by Matt Butler. Opening the night's festivities, Nik Greeley, along with his Philadelphia based members, “The Operators”.

Start Making Sense create an atmosphere so similar to the legendary group, Talking Heads, if you close your eyes you may feel like you are hearing the voice of David Byrne belting out “Once In A Lifetime” or “Take Me To The River”.

With Jon Braun, playing the part of Byrne, Start Making Sense has toured throughout the country, selling out shows coast to coast for over a decade.

Start Making Sense are selling out rooms throughout the eastern half of the United States. This band is a huge hit as the Talking Heads are never on tour, and the band's amazing dedication to the music and fun loving attitude has proven to be a favorite at clubs and festivals.

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