Cox’s Army released their sophomore album New Richmond Town

Article Contributed by August Forte | Published on Sunday, December 8, 2019

Cox's Army is a bluegrass band that performs classic and original material in the traditional style. Founded in 2016, the band is led by 'Cousin' Chuck Cox (Guitar, Lead Vocal) and features Laird Patten (Banjo), Jeff Burke (Mandolin, Baritone Vocal), and Jack Campbell (Bass, Tenor Vocal). The band keeps things traditional and acoustic but believes that there is plenty of room for new material and innovation within that style. Their live show is built around a blend of Chuck Cox's original songs and a healthy dose of classic bluegrass songs. Authentic performance is a core value of Cox's Army. The band most often performs around a small mic cluster to deliver their signature vocal harmonies and they 'work the mic' like classic bluegrass bands to emphasize featured instrumental breaks.

Bandleader Chuck Cox originally hails from Cincinnati, OH, one of the historic centers of bluegrass music in the post-war era. After a 20-year career playing many other styles of music, Chuck found bluegrass through a search for his roots, which took him into Jackson County, KY. The search connected him with far more than he bargained for, finding many living cousins (in order of discovery): The Kirby Knob Boys, Larry Sparks, Dale Farmer (director of The Mountain Minor film), and eventually to David Harvey. Inspired by their examples as true originals, Chuck has worked hard to find his own sound and style as a bluegrass guitar picker, and songwriter.

Cox’s Army’s upcoming album New Richmond Town, planned for release in November of 2019, was recorded in the same spirit as each track is a complete performance without edits or modern studio tricks. The album was recorded in Chicago with Chris Walz producing the sessions and the tracks were mixed with the experienced ear of Rickey Wasson in Clay City, KY. Cox’s Army’s debut album Green Eyed Train, released in 2018, was recorded in the same style with production and mixing by the same team.