Madison-based folk artist Your Brother, Michael has released his debut single

Article Contributed by August Forte | Published on Monday, October 26, 2020

Madison-based folk artist Your Brother, Michael released his debut single "All Good Christians" on Friday, Oct 2nd and the track was premiered by the Milwaukee-based site Blogging Blue.

"All Good Christians" is a wry, satirical take on President Trump's long list of crimes against humanity written from the perspective of a Christian who is bewildered by the support that his fellow Christians have somehow justified.

Your Brother, Michael was born and raised in the U.S.A., which makes him worth exactly as much as every other person on God’s green earth. He's lived on both coasts and now he's living in the middle. He's met many different people from all over the country; people of many different races and faiths – a diverse mix that underlies the country’s greatness, but that can also be used to keep people from growing strong together.

Your Brother, Michael's day job has allowed him to work with many different types of folks – farmers and ranchers, judges and lawyers, teachers and scientists – almost all of them are good people who love their families and friends, and want the best for the country and for the world. Rarely, but sometimes, you’ll find folks who are only out for themselves or their own particular tribe. They will lie, steal, cheat, and callously watch suffering without lending a hand. The worst of these do all of that wearing the mantle of Christianity. Your Brother, Michael wrote a song about a guy like that called “All Good Christians,” which he hopes you listen to and enjoy.