Elan Atias To Release Music Video for New Single 'You Are Not Alone'

Article Contributed by Margaret Willard | Published on Monday, December 20, 2021

On Wednesday, Dec. 22 at 10 a.m. PST, acclaimed singer and solo artist Elan Atias will release his new music video for “You Are Not Alone,” an anthem of empathy and hope inspired by the ongoing homelessness and mental health challenges in his hometown of Los Angeles.

The former lead singer of The Wailers, whose previous solo works have been featured on soundtracks for HBO’s Sex and the City and the hit movie 50 First Dates, released the heart-warming single Nov. 19 to tease his forthcoming 2022 EP.

LA Weekly named Atias’ new song one of their Top 10 Singles by Rising Artists in November, saying, “‘You Are Not Alone’ [is] becoming the top play on every listener’s playlist… If you are feeling down, you should listen to it. Once you do, you will always remember it in your hard times because it gives you courage.”

Filmed in Los Angeles County, the music video was directed by B. Earl and edited by Director of Photography Tyler Forrest. Scenic, heartfelt imagery evokes the ballad’s call to solidarity, which the Moroccan-American songwriter said applies to universal struggles currently facing our society.

"I specifically wrote this song addressing the homeless epidemic and the mental health crisis we have been experiencing in Los Angeles for the past 20-plus years. I also was influenced by a friend who was going through a break-up, and the fact that the pandemic has brought feelings of isolation, loneliness and despair to the forefront of many people's consciousness. The important thing about this song is that it can have many different meanings and everyone can relate to it in their own way," Atias said.

About Elan Atias

Elan Atias' comforting voice has been charming hearts and minds worldwide ever since the Wailers discovered his talent at age 21. Themes of amity, social responsibility, reverence and growth permeate Atias' career, and led the acclaimed singer to perform for former U.S. Presidents and cultural icons like Muhammad Ali.

His diverse studio collaborations include Gwen Stefani, Kenny Chesney, Snoop Dogg, Sly & Robbie and Carlos Santana, in addition to his own reggae chart-topping solo albums and songs featured on popular soundtracks for Sex and the City and 50 First Dates.

The Moroccan-American songwriter and vocalist returns to his Los Angeles roots with the new single “You Are Not Alone.” Released in November 2021, this gentle and uplifting anthem of hope addresses serious topics like homelessness and mental health as it preludes Atias’ forthcoming solo record – a call of solidarity wrapped in a cool island beat from one of our community's most genuine voices.