James Casey Announces March Release of "New Bloom" During Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Article Contributed by Margaret Willard | Published on Wednesday, February 15, 2023

In anticipation of his forthcoming full-length solo debut, The Kaua’i Project, critically acclaimed saxophonist James Casey will release the album’s first single “New Bloom” on March 14, with its accompanying music video dropping March 21. The song and video share a message of manifesting positivity to overcome obstacles, and will both poignantly release during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

“New Bloom” is a remarkable example of music as medicine – encapsulating how Casey refused to let a stark colon cancer diagnosis prevent him from making his mark on the world. Wrapped in inspiration from a year of self discovery on a remote Hawaiian island, the song brings to light a mantra of soulful jazz, smooth beats and earnest emotion.

The music video for “New Bloom” was created with the support of Olympus Corporation of the Americas, a global medical technology leader. It tells a visual story of hope alongside fellow New York City creatives who are all living through – and beyond – cancer as a community. Directed by Brad Hasse, each person featured in the video is, today, persevering against cancer in their own intimate and personal ways.

No matter what problems come your way
You’ve got today
And no matter what happens today
You’ll be ok

Casey is an outspoken advocate for colon cancer awareness, especially among his more vulnerable Black community. He was a guest speaker at The Atlantic’s People V. Cancer summit as an ally with the Colorectal Cancer Alliance’s “They Didn’t Say” initiative, which is also in partnership with Olympus, along with Charlamagne Tha God. The campaign aims to start conversations about family history and colon cancer awareness among African Americans, who suffer higher mortality rates and are greater at risk for being diagnosed with late-stage disease at a younger age.

Casey first melded music and advocacy in 2022 when he released a holiday EP, A Little Something For Everyone, which garnered praise among NPR staff picks for the Best Songs of 2022. The album’s limited-edition vinyl pressings raised thousands of dollars for the cancer community via the Colorectal Cancer Alliance and the Nancy Langhorne Foundation.

Today, while undergoing regular chemotherapy treatments, Casey is preparing for the April-May 2023 roll out of his debut LP, The Kaua’i Project.

The Kaua’i Project developed over the past two years following a somewhat serendipitous sequence of events. Releasing his own music was never a priority for Casey, even as an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who tours the world with many top acts – most recently with members of the Grateful Dead and the Trey Anastasio Band. That perception changed abruptly when he was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer at just 38 years of age. This shocking news in August 2021 served as an awakening in so many ways. Casey decided to make the most of his time – both for himself and for others. He let go of all limits to his musical career and, for the first time, began writing and recording music under his own name.

For more information, visit jamescaseysax.com.