GW Premiere: Finding Thomas’ "Waitin' (Here) On You"

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Friday, October 25, 2019

Distinguished by a sense of songwriting craft, Thomas Guttman creates music which hovers above genres. Born and raised in New York City, Finding Thomas performs regularly at the downtown clubs like The Standard, The Bitter End, and Bowery Electric. With deep roots in the past and a sensibility finely to the present, Finding Thomas’ upcoming EP is cohesive and complex, with each track showcasing a different side of the band. Taken as a whole, it presents a fresh, personal, authentic new voice, marked by a taut, musical tension - between loose and tight rhythms, romantic and caustic tones, and past and the future sensibilities.

Grateful Web has the premiere of Finding Thomas' "Waitin' (Here) On You," the second single off of Finding Thomas' upcoming debut EP, out Friday, November 15th.

I don’t know how to write about my songs 

or how to explain them clearly.

It always comes from a feeling of something wrong 

at the same time, something I hold very dearly.

For watin’ here on you the subject was a girl 

who didn’t take me too serious.

She would stand me up and ignore my call 

always making sure she stayed mysterious.


I wrote this song out of anger 

and frustration.

Not because I hate her,

but because I was done fighting for causation.


She didn’t really want me, it took me a while to accept that.

But through the hurt and the anger,

this song came through. 

So to her I tip my hat

Catch Finding Thomas performing material from their upcoming EP on Monday night at 8pm at Berlin Under A in Manhattan.