Jake Beck Releases New Single 'Northern Sky'

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Thursday, November 4, 2021

If you’ve never listened to Jake Beck’s music, now is the time to immerse  yourself in his rocky, indie vibes. Fit for party nights or chilled evenings, his electric-sounding tracks such as "Northern Sky" set a captivating atmosphere for any group of guests.

What really struck me about "Northern Sky" was the way the instruments and melodies came together as one to produce an incredibly stunning sound. With a chorus that stays with you, I found myself humming the catchiness of the sounds and enjoying the uniqueness that I hadn’t discovered in other tracks in similar genres. Perhaps Beck’s pure musical talent and collaboration with award-winning producer, Gavin Brown, were the reasons why this song seemed to stick with me so much. With all of his countless tracks, Beck has never failed to cleverly construct meaningful lyrics that many people across the globe can connect deeply to.

With relatable lyrics combining with relatable genres, it’s no wonder that this track is set to take the world by a storm and further Beck’s rightful place in the music industry, setting him apart from any competition. Going through so many struggles in his own life, Beck claims to welcome adversity, suggesting that going on hard journeys can inspire you to write more meaningful songs that can touch people in ways that trivial lyrics can’t. Along with a talented voice on top of the different melodies and rock tones, "Northern Sky" provides fans with an entertaining 4-minute experience that may allow them to think about memories of their past or else just appreciate the musical skill and hard graft that has gone into producing this track.

I could hear from my first listen to "Northern Sky" that Jake Beck has a passion for what he does. Doing what you love in life is something that this artist truly believes in, and it can be detected from the raw passion emitted in this song. Of course, Beck’s musical abilities have developed from him being a young boy. With Beck being enthralled by what music had to offer at such a young age, it’s no surprise that he has been able to shape his own unique sound and progress in his skill as the years went on. Despite already leading the pack, the passion running through his blood leaves him no other choice but to keep making music. Some people are just meant to push boundaries.

With this in mind, it’s obvious that this musician can act as an inspiration for younger generations wanting to take their own place in the music industry. Whether this is through being encouraged to learn a new instrument or give songwriting a try, young people all over the world can be inspired by Beck’s pure motivation and determination to share his skill with the world. With all of his musical talents, the biggest takeaway from his success should not be his angelic writing or his bad-ass tone... but his passion for simply doing what you love and letting your inner fire lead, never checking for approval from anyone. That is the most useful skill in this industry - and in life.

Take a listen to "Northern Sky" on the most popular streaming services today and keep a lookout for more incredible pieces on their way in the future!

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