Jazz is Phsh @ The Fox Theatre | 4/5/19 | Preview

Article Contributed by Tim Bagnall | Published on Friday, March 8, 2019

“Oh God, Jazz” – Jazz is Phsh at the Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO April 5, 2019

There is a short scene in a mostly lackluster film featuring Ricky Gervais (writer and actor for the hit English TV series The Office) that I think captures, humorously and accurately, most people’s impression of jazz.  In the film, Special Correspondents (2016), a journalistic duo, after their ill-conceived scheme backfires, finds themselves lost in a remote jungle of South America, down on their luck and in need of help. When they finally stumble upon civilization in the form of a dilapidated house, as they approach the front door, instead of being relieved and grateful, they hear what they believe is jazz and complain to one another. You can watch the scene here:

Sadly, I believe this is what most people think of when they think of jazz. A bunch of loud instruments trying to drive you mad through cacophony. This is unfortunate and the sentiment is misguided. Jazz, to me, is a concept about how music, especially “live” music, can be played. A concept that promotes a mostly unscripted, free flowing exchange of sounds and ideas. A formula that elevates originality over predictability. In other words, jazz is all about improvisation, spontaneity, and taking chances. Certainly, there are cases when the formula fails, but when the stars align, jazz can lead to most beautiful, meaningful, and redeeming music you will ever hear. It’s really an approach to music and spans a wide spectrum of the musical landscape, from bluegrass to rock n’ roll to the more textbook definition of jazz, including blues, bebop, and hardbop. Bands and artists – to name a few -that live or lived by this jazz ethos include Miles Davis, The Grateful Dead, John Coltrane, The Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton, Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, Steve Kimock, and Phish.

If you subscribe to this perspective of jazz, where you seek something fresh, new and exciting for your musical diet, you should seriously consider seeing Jazz is Phsh (http://jazzisphsh.com/). On tour in the United States from the 22nd of March through the 25th of April, Jazz is Phsh lives and breathes the essence of jazz. Founded in 2015, Jazz is Phsh routinely delivers exceptional and extraordinary musical experiences. Similar in vein to the legendary Grateful Dead tribute band Jazz is Dead, Jazz is Phsh plays reimagined, all instrumental interpretations of Phish standards. Why not act like your favorite improvisational bands and take a chance? Go see Jazz is Phsh. One thing is for certain: You’re guaranteed a night of new, never-heard-before, thrilling music.

The doors open @ 8:30, blast off @ 9. Obtain your boarding pass at www.Foxtheatre.com