Magic Beans + Kitchen Dwellers | Woodlands Tavern

Article Contributed by Maddy Crandall | Published on Monday, February 4, 2019

The two rising collectives, The Kitchen Dwellers and Magic Beans, have set off on their first national tour together as “The Kitchen Beans,” and have been throughout the country. The Magic Beans and Kitchen Dwellers have had an escalating friendship for around ten years, playing numerous shows together and shining with their collaborative efforts.

Starting off in a 250-capacity venue in Telluride, Colorado and making their way throughout different ends of the country, The Kitchen Dwellers and Magic Beans landed in Columbus, OH over the weekend for an intimate, high-energy show at the Woodlands Tavern.

Max Davies | Kitchen Dwellers

Max Davies, guitarist, and vocals, talked about touring with the Magic Beans and their longstanding friendship. “Everything is just flowing really well. It’s nice to work with people that you have known for so long and are really comfortable with. We’ve been collaborating every night, learning new covers and learning how to play each other’s songs. We’re all really stoked about it,” he said.

Davies also explained how mixing The Magic Beans funk and jamtronica style with their untraditional bluegrass has been great for producing an eclectic improvisational vibe on tour. He mentioned a highlight of their tour being a full night of “The Band” covers.

You can preview a Kitchen Dwellers’ Reheated, Vol. 1, featuring “The Band” covers here:


Davies continued to talk about how impactful and inspiring it’s been seeing their musical peers all reach new goals and rise together in the music scene. The Kitchen Dwellers just announced their first Red Rocks Amphitheatre show with Twiddle and Pigeons Playing Ping Pong set to take place on May 2nd in Morrison, Colorado. The Magic Beans are playing Red Rocks just five days before on April 27th in support of Lotus.

Scott Hatchey | The Magic Beans

Scott Hachey, guitar and vocals for the Magic Beans, commented on how being on the road with The Kitchen Dwellers has been so impactful, ”This tour has been a long time coming. It’s like bringing your family on the road if your family is a bunch of 20 something musical savages. There’s been a lot of good times, hard work, and great music.”

The Kitchen Dwellers opened up the night at the Woodlands Tavern in Columbus, Ohio. The venue had a rustic vibe, with tavern-style wood embellishments, and a full house surrounding the bar on the preceding wall of the concert area. Inside the intimate venue, the Dwellers opened with, “Paul and Silas > Old Dangerfield” giving the crowd the initial energy to spin, twirl and sway from the quick, staccato-style bluegrass.

The Kitchen Dwellers | Columbus, OH

As the crowd gained more energy and the radiantly luminous lights filled up the 150-capacity space, The Kitchen Dwellers returned the pizzazz and hit the crowd with a classic, “Ghost In The Bottle” with an epic “Three Weeks” jam.  

As the set came near the end, The Kitchen Dwellers covered Hunter/Garcia's “Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo.“  By now, the tavern’s guests have all done the bluegrass “stomp and spin” and sang along with set the Kitchen Dwellers, as they swing into their last two songs, “Foundation” and “Don’t Do It.”

Chris Duffy | Magic Beans

Magic Beans came out hot in their set getting the crowd to yell along with the “Adonde” opener, completely accelerating the energy in the room. Their smooth transitions and groovy inner-workings laid down the funk as they played “As You Like It,” into a sensual, synth and bass-driven, “Dr. Bubbleman.”  

Casey Russell, keys and vocals, led the collective into the second half of the set with an upbeat and jivey “Luck,” into an “Inventor” closer. The Magic Beans fast-paced energy is always complemented by their quality collaboration and synchronicity efforts. They specialize at surging solos that build up to a stimulating euphoria, completely in unison.

Casey Russell | Woodlands Tavern

The “Kitchen Beans” came together for a closing set covering Doc Watson’s “Columbus Stockade Blues,” and Brandi Carlile’s, “Dying Day,” fully encapsulating the crowd’s attention for the grand finale.

Kitchen Dwellers | Woodlands Tavern

The two bands are heading back West to Colorado where they will end the tour at the Magic Beans, “Snowstalk” event that complements their summer festival, “The Beanstalk” in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Full Set Lists:

Kitchen Dwellers:

Paul and Silas >
Old Dangerfield
Auggie >
I’m On Fire
Ghost In The Bottle (1)
Broken Cage >
Five Candles (2)(3) >
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo
Foundation (4)
Don’t Do It

(1) w/ Three Weeks jam
(2) San Jose tease
(3) First Tube jam
(4) 2x2 teases

Magic Beans:


As You Like It >

Dr. Bubbleman >

Hip to Be Square

808 jam > GefilteFunk