Nate Todd Unveils New Single and Title Track "Empty City" from His Upcoming Sophomore Solo Album

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Monday, October 23, 2023

Acclaimed singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nate Todd is thrilled to present his latest single, “Empty City,” along with its accompanying music video, marking his directorial debut. The single, featuring a compelling blend of dark, electric piano melodies and synth-laced grooves, is now available for streaming and download on his Bandcamp page and Facebook. The mesmerizing music video can be viewed on YouTube.

In “Empty City,” Todd masterfully plays all instruments except for the drums, which are powerfully delivered by Kevin D’Angelo, Todd’s esteemed bandmate from Flash Mountain Flood. This single marks a significant return for Todd, being his first release since his debut solo album, "Revolutionary Loser," in October 2020.

Written during another surge of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2021, “Empty City” is a reflective piece, delving deep into the feelings of isolation and psychological strain experienced during the pandemic’s challenging times. The track also serves as the title for Todd’s forthcoming album, inspired by the dark and mysterious themes of film noir.

Reflecting on his college days and a film noir class he took, Todd found a connection between the tumultuous times of early 2021 and the thematic elements of film noir. “A passage from 'Film Noir' by Andrew Spicer resonated with me, drawing parallels between the corrupt and disorienting nature of the city in film noir and the world we were living in,” Todd shared.

The "Empty City" album promises to be a sonic journey, featuring nine freshly composed tracks, all written on keyboard. In addition to performing, Todd also took the reins as producer, mixer, and mastering engineer for the album, with additional drum and percussion contributions from D’Angelo and production assistance from his father, Rick Todd. Further details about the album will be revealed soon.

About Nate Todd: Nate Todd, based in Denver, is a multifaceted artist, excelling as a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, writer, and producer. He co-founded the award-winning Colorado group Whiskey Tango in 2009, which released their final album, "Crystal Hotel," in 2016. After several years as a journeyman keyboardist, Todd launched his solo career in 2020, releasing the EP "Sky Cloud Machine" and his debut LP "Revolutionary Loser." He is also a member of the up-and-coming Colorado-based jam-rock band Flash Mountain Flood. With “Empty City,” Todd continues his artistic exploration, promising more thought-provoking and emotive music.