Organ Fairchild release new single, “Chamelonious Monk”

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Friday, June 9, 2023

Out on all major digital music outlets today, “Chamelonious Monk” is the first single from the forthcoming full-length sophomore release “Leisure Suit” (due late summer 2023) by Buffalo NY jam sensations Organ Fairchild.

The song (title rhymes with HAM-a-LONE-ee-us MONK) was recorded and mixed by Justin Guip (Hot Tuna, Levon Helm) at Milan Hill Studio in NY’s Hudson Valley and mastered by Alan Evans of Soulive.

Band guitarist Dave Ruch explained the song’s unusual title: “In Organ Fairchild’s world, chamelon (not chameleon) rhymes with HAM-a-LAHN and refers to a person of exceptional ability and taste. And if you're a chamelon, well, things you do are chamelonious. So now we're getting dangerously close to jazz musician Thelonious Monk's first name, so we added the word Monk to the title and included some signature Monk-like dissonant chords in the climbing part of the song (chords containing half-step intervals for the musicians out there…).”