Pappy & John Morgan Kimock's “Dig A Hole In The Meadow”

Article Contributed by Christopher Snyder | Published on Monday, July 22, 2019

Heart. That is what goes into music throughout the world. With a little heart, dedication, and time a song is born. Pappy, gave the nod to his longtime friend, John Morgan Kimock, to produce his tracks “Dig A Hole In The Meadow”. Usually found behind “the kit” with Mike Gordon, Oteil Burbridge or with his father, Steve Kimock, the veteran drummer, was eager to put on the producer hat for this track. Pappy was driving around Dunmore, PA when out of nowhere he saw the neck of what looked like a guitar sticking out of a garbage can. To his disbelief, it was a banjo! He named it “garbanjo”, as it was used as the rhythm for the song. “Dig A Hole In The Meadow“evolved from a traditional tune as the banjo travelled from festival to festival picking with a number of his friends. It was always in the back of his mind to put a spin on the song.

After a very experimental show with Gatos Blancos, Pappy and John Morgan Kimock called on their longtime friend, Ben Travers, at Astrology Days Studios, who is in his own right a monster behind the drums. Rounding out the group on “Dig A Hole In A Meadow” are:

Steve Kimock (Lapsteel)

Angelo Miraglia (Upright Piano)

Dylan Skursky (Bass)

Ben Travers (Percussion)

John Morgan Kimock plays the following (Drums/B3 Organ/Background Vocals)

This track dreamt up by Pappy and brought to light by John Morgan Kimock is a great representation of how musicians can come together as one.