Songwriter Brendan James Releases His First New Offering Following the Pandemic, The Cathartic and Dynamic, “Happy Just To Be Alive”

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Singer-Songwriter Brendan James has been on the road for years.  On every musical stop he makes around the country; the avid outdoorsman makes a point to work a hike into his busy travel schedule -- giving him an opportunity to enjoy the natural world around him and the diverse landscapes found across the United States. One can imagine that the father of two young children who previously took six months off to travel around the world with his family, deeply missed regularly communing with nature during the pandemic which left him (and all touring musicians) at a standstill. “Happy Just to Be Alive” is his first offering following the pandemic and his excellent 2020 LP, Leap Taken. This video finds Brendan back in the woods celebrating the simplicity of being alive to enjoy the greenery and life surrounding him.

Shot on location in Colorado by director Mark Wilson and Thomas Rose, the video follows Brendan hiking, swimming, driving, and performing – a touring day in the life of this talented musician. “Happy Just to Be Alive” evokes White Ladder era David Gray with its pulsing backbeat and soul-bearing lyrics. His vocals are calm and clear – making the listener simultaneously feel wistful, content and connected.  And the visuals are stunning – from Brendan sitting in a single shaft of light at the piano, to sunlight dancing on water, waterfalls, gnarled trees, and the songwriter walking through sun dappled white birch trees – it captures the sincerity, beauty and fundamental appreciation for existing in this world in the here and now.

“Emerging in a post pandemic reality, I can’t help but feel a new sense of gratitude for the simplest aspects of my life -- my health, my family, my friends, and my career,” says Brendan.  “I wanted to release a song to tell that story.”

Brendan has a devoted fanbase and tours consistently throughout each year. With new music on the horizon, the songwriter will continue to tour, hike, and play his way across America in 2023.  For music and upcoming tour dates, follow Brendan at